Social housing

The first objective of the service is to provide, as a temporary emergency, a roof for various groups at risk. Support different profiles of people, especially in the field of housing, who need temporary help to get out of a critical situation that could lead to social exclusion and / or personal degradation.


• Receive as a matter of urgency the people derived from Social Services. • Provide psychological support and daily accompaniment • Personal advice. • Accompaniment according to the work plan.

Who is it for?

People who can use the temporary reception on the floor will be derived by the different Social Services of Vic and the Comarca of Osona, the profile and urgency of each person together with the Foundation will be assessed
• The people derived from Social Service Vic and the Comarca of Osona • People at risk and social marginalization who need emergency housing and temporarily • Single-parent families who, for economic and social reasons, are in a precarious situation • Women without economic resources or social network, with or without children • Women in situations of sexist violence pending entry into a foster home. • Women in situations of sexist violence pending a specialized resource • Ex-supervised young adults, who are in a difficult time to get stable housing. • Hospital discharges waiting for an adequate resource …



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