The poverty situation in which so many families are currently in our country compels us to develop new forms of vulnerability attention and risk of social exclusion. We believe an effective, efficient and transformative response is the only way to reverse this situation. That’s why we set in motion a program that assure child's protection and their families.

What is #Invulnerables ?

#Invulnerable is a program that search synergies between all social workers in the territory to provide the kids and families in vulnerability situations with the necessary resources to be able to break down the circle of poverty in which they find themselves. For this purpose, we make special emphasis in education as the center to get out from exclusion situations and also consider other important aspects as, nourishment, wellbeing, sanity, the effect, work, household, sports and culture.

Our objectives:

• Develop and implement a standards model to offer improvement opportunities to those in most disadvantage.
• Break down the poverty circles that families and kids are suffering.
• Create a collaborative work net formed by public and private corporations.


Why in Manlleu?

Due to the worrying child poverty figures register in our population, Manlleu has been in one of the eight cities selected to being part of the #INVOULNERABLE program. But it has also been selected because it has provided a social environment supportive and involved, which contributes to appropriate conditions to enhance the actual situation.

The institution responsible to coordinate the program is Fundació Projecte i Vida alongside Social Services Department of Manlleu City Council.

The beneficiary families

Beneficiary families are selected by Social Services Department and the third sector corporation following a preset specific economic criterion. It has to be an under-aged, at least, to meet the minimum criteria required.

Families commitments to guarantee the permanence into the program:
• Attend the proposed activities offered by the Social Services
• Allow access to the place of residence
• Take part of the ongoing monitoring work.

Driving force entities


Social Work “la Caixa”

CaixaProinfància (Caixa Pro-childhood) is a settle program with 10 years' experience in the whole territory, that seeks to encourage the integration of children through local socio-educational networks. It works to improve educational habits and conditions, with the ultimate goal of academic performance enhance, self-esteem, motivation and social relationships of children.

Incorpora (Embody) is a project to enforce labor insertion for those in social exclusion situation.




Through ‘FutbolNet’ program.

FutbolNet program is a project based in the enforcement of the FC Barcelona Club values such: respect, self-effacement, effort and team work through sports practices. It helps boys and girls to get involved in an active sport life that, otherwise, they never would have it as an opportunity.


Wellfare and Families Department of Catalonia Government

Wellfare and Families Department of Catalonia Government supply to the program a social service to each territory to help accomplish an agile and transforming work.



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