Labor insertion OLEA

Labor Integration Project "FEM FUTUR"

Promoted by Fundació Projecte i Vida and Fundació pel Suport Social Solidari, both non-profit entities and with their headquarters located in the city of Vic, This project aims at the CREATION OF WORK PLACES and at the same time CONSOLIDATE A PROFESSION IN THE FOREST AREA, for people at risk of labor exclusion.

For the experience and experiences of promoters and both social and forestry technicians, we can offer a dignified and satisfactory professional outlet for those who are looking for a work solution that allows them to CREATE THEIR LIFE PROJECT.

This project allows groups of young people, through a dual training model (theory, practical learning and socio-professional tutoring) to become qualified professionals in WORKS AND FOREST SERVICES OF THE ENVIRONMENT.

What does it offer?

Execution of forest works and services

• Silvicultural work: clearing, improvement of lawn, reforestation, restoration of riversides and cleaning of river beds.
• Forest exploitation: exploitation of forest products. Marketing of wood, biomass and forest products
• Construction and improvements of forest tracks, rural roads, trails and greenways.
• Protected fringe of urbanized land or power lines. Demolition of special trees.
• Infrastructures to the natural environment (water points, drinking fountains, fences, walkways, shelters, bridges, walls, ...)
• Restoration of degraded areas. Bioengineering and landscaping.
• Demarcation of rustic properties

How can you help?

By charging our services and buying our products. Get in touch with us at:

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