CRAE La Serra S.T.O

The Residential Center of Educational Action (CRAE) La Serra, S.T.O, is located to the municipality of Taradell, to the region of Osona. The Foundation carries out the educational management of the Center through an agreement with the General Directorate of Child and Adolescent Care (DGAIA), the Department of Labor, Social and Family Affairs of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The CRAE La Serra has a capacity for 27 young people, from 12 to 19 years old, and who have been protected by the DGAIA.

Within the dynamics of the CRAE, we do work, for Specific Educational Programs, with the main objective of being able to prevent and act both individually and as a group according to the needs of young people. Some of these programs are:

L’Aprenent d’Adult – The Adult Learner

This program is aimed at children of the CRAE, preferably with finalist stages, which present an adequate process to be able to work on personal autonomy. We offer them a totally individualized Work Plan in a 4-seater flat, attached to the CRAE. The general objective of the program is for young people to gradually enter the process of growth and maturation, acquiring the basic skills necessary to prepare them for their disinterment.
Some of the benefits of autonomy in young people can be:
1. Improvement in personal choices to fulfill an expected role in social life.
2. Ability to put into practice their norms, values and convictions.
3. Respect the ideas and principles of others.
4. Help cope with their life project.

PIPDIA Program

The program aims to raise awareness of young people, risk and drug use. We know that prevention works is difficult, the fruits are not seen in the short term, but we are convinced of the effectiveness of preventive work, in the medium and long term. The program is aimed at all the young people of the Center who need this resource. We work both individually and as a group and with the timely participation of professional experts in this field.

Volunteer Program

The objectives of the program are: to stimulate young people's self-esteem, relativize their problems or personal and family situations, reduce anxiety, facilitate the full integration and normalization of young people, provide young people with experience they can add to their CV, and that this can facilitate their incorporation into the labor world and facilitate social as well as professional integration.

Emotional Education Program

Group and experiential workshops as a space for reflection and self-knowledge of personal work: how to identify and express what we feel, physical relaxation, stretching, awareness of the body and breathing, yoga, dynamics of interaction with others and with oneself through the senses, etc.

LA SERRA Horticulture or Pedagogical Garden

With this program they have achieved personal training, coexistence and competence, ecological awareness and food education and horticultural knowledge.
We co-responsible the young people with the organic garden and aromatic and culinary plants.

Music Workshop

This workshop, far from wanting an orthodox music course, where musical knowledge is the main element of the activity itself, has become a pretext to bring the young residents of the CRAE to music and where these young people themselves have been able to be active subjects. being them the protagonists and at the same time having to interact among them in order to reach a final result. This workshop aims to ensure that the young person is the main protagonist. After a long work, the workshop has obtained its fruits with the recording of a CD and the projection of making concerts in theaters and premises open to the public.

Youth Participation Workshop

Program dedicated to the participation of young people, with the objective of increasing and involving young people in the center's own dynamics. The objective of this workshop is for young people to be and feel theirs the organizational decisions of the dynamics of the center. It is conducted and directed for the professionals of the center who use the assemblies as a work axis. These are worked from a critical and reflective point of view where young people can interact naturally and constructively.



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