Pisos assistits

The Assisted apartments offer a stable and standardized alternative accommodation and educational support for ex-supervised young ones, so that they can reach independence and achieve their full personal autonomy, facilitating a response to affective, psychic, social and physical and material needs.
It is a temporary resource for young people between 18 and 21 years old and implies that from the moment of entry, the corresponding educational and socio-labor process begins, with the purpose of insertion and emancipation.
In this first process of emancipation of young people, we offer care and support in food, hygiene, rest, self-healing, healthy relationships, training and / or work, respecting and making known the rights and the fundamental obligations of today's society.
From a systemic and integral perspective, we give an individualized attention in their passage through the floors, promoting individual responsibility, autonomy, knowledge of their own abilities, responsibility, culture of effort and a critical attitude, to be an autonomous person and prepared for adult life.

Main Objetive

Give the possibility that the young person of a Residential Center of Educational Action CRAE, finishes completing his maturing process with a minimum of support and possible upholder.
Provide accommodation and counseling for the achievement of their autonomy and normalized functioning of life within the community.
The training and support task of an Assisted Floor must be the continuity of the values worked in the Center. The one that will change substantially will be the way to ask for them and indicate them.
Manage documentation and support the completion of administrative procedures, with the full collaboration of young people, so as to enhance learning in this area.
We know that the principle of "the experience of others does not work for me" is true in our entire population. Therefore, through errors, successes and other types of experiences, it will be possible to influence and advise the young person.


The Assisted Floor has to serve as a "bridge" between the Center and total autonomy.
• Advise, accompany the young person in all processes of socio-labor insertion, enhance responsibility through the maintenance of employment to achieve full autonomy.
• Promote the habits of coexistence and solidarity with other residents, as well as respect for common spaces and existing basic regulations.
• To empower young people with a personal, relational, work and formative dimension, through accompaniment, counseling and support, in order to bring young people closer to a personal and supportive autonomy.
• Guide young people in the management of their free time, to enhance their hobbies and tastes, showing them the necessary steps to learn new resources, thus expanding their scope of relationship.



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