“We have to be able to offer anyone, and especially those ones on disadvantaged, the possibility of deciding and controlling their own future.”

Pere Tusquellas i Oto. President

About us

Fundació Projecte i Vida (Project and Life Foundation) is a non-profit organization that has as main objective to offer the necessary autonomy and emotional balance for social integration, to all those people with serious affective deficiencies, troubles in their environment or lack of own resources.

As a consequence of the death of Santiago Tusquellas Oto, lawyer and businessman by trade, his siblings and his wife, in 2003, created Fundació Projecte i Vida, with “One person, one life project” as a slogan for the Foundation.

The Foundation first step was to take up l’Associación ASSIS Sant Jordi, which it had been in the sector since 1993. This association already had staff with experience in the social field since 1979.

The institution body corporate is constituted by Tusquellas family in majority: Pere Tusquellas i Oto, Miquel Tusquellas i Oto, Emi Payan Alfonso, Aina Tusquellas Payan, Bernat Tusquellas Payan, Iris Saborit, Edmundo Rodolfo Benza Alegria, Miquel Àngel Roman and Fundació pel Suport Social Solidari.


Objectives and goals

Fundació Projecte i Vida main objective is to provide people the opportunity of make their life projects come true: establish a family, start a new family, start a small business, work as plumber, carpenter or any other career. We believe that every person has to have a dream and a life project, and therefore, should have the possibility of carrying out. The real work it finds out how to achieve their independence and personal freedom, moreover, it is also a way of personal accomplishment.

The Fundació Projecte i Vida final objective is to offer those with social, economic or familiar difficulties the possibility of determine and controlling their own future. Is to provide them opportunities to have their own personal project that makes them feel as part of the society.

We work with a goal of reach and care about as many people as we can, and therefore, keep them into society. Anyone or any institution can make our objectives their own ones, so they have the opportunity of been engaged in the project’s goals by many different ways.

Management Team

Fundació Projecte i Vida

Pere Tusquellas

Pere Tusquellas i Oto

General Manager
Emi Payan

Emi Payan Alfonso

Coordinator of Administrative Department
Miquel-angel Roman

Miquel Àngel Roman Sampedro

Coordinator of Technical Department
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Anna Cirera Serrallonga

CRAE Manger

Josu Mujika Lizaso

SOAF Coordinator

Sílvia Valls

Flats Assisted Educator
Foto Aina Tusquellas Payan

Aina Tusquellas Payan

Social Worker EOAF
Francesc Torras Bozzo

Francesc Torras Bozo

ESAC Coordinator

Laura Vilà Orriols

Socio-Educational Intervation Service

Carles Llamazares Vadillo

Shared Schooling unit Director
Pau Jiménez

Pau Jiménez Gusi

Maintenance Manager